Published: 28th June 2006
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Samuel Lartey, Project Manager.

In rolling out one of my projects in Ghana, I had the opportunity of working with an Indian colleague. He was born, schooled and trained in India. He is an IT specialist and represented his India consulting company in Ghana to assist me implement a business strategy as usual through Project Management. We had several project, professional associations, relationships and meetings together. In our relationships one thing that came out interestingly was the fact that this young, inspirational, enthusiastic and motivational professional had a fantastic understanding and perception for life. What attracted me most to Suresh was when he said to me that Personal Life is one's life but professional life is only a part of it. I became curious wanting to hear a little more from this chap.

I decided to profile him and therefore needed to talk a little more with him. It was a real opportunity; this guy had a lot of intelligence in his sleeves. He was not selfish; he expressed his feelings about life, about personal development and growth and about relating to life.

The Mindset:

He said his brain is his key that sets him free, and every action he takes is either strong or weak, when every action is strong he considers himself successful. He, as much as possible tries to understand himself before trying to understand others. He concluded here that realising and fully utilising yourself will assist you in becoming a greater persona in life.


According to Suresh If you want to understand today, you have to search through yesterday. You need to be familiar with yesterday, and one can only be familiar when he joins with that factor. His interest is in his ability to socialise. In this regard his first line of thinking is to socialise with people and to socialise with life. He is always enquiring to understand the nature of people and to relate with them. He has trained his mindset to adjust to people's attitude, give suggestions and assist. To Suresh, in as much as the human fingers are all not of the same length so is the attitude and nature of the human being. For that matter he always wants to learn what good and different other personas have got that he has not but would benefit him. Suresh says kindness is a language which the deaf can hear, and the blind can read and he would prefer to be by like minded people but would not discriminate new and differing minds. What is most important is think like wise men but communicate in the language of the people.


Suresh believes that to gain the fullness of life, one must increase knowledge and also share it. Continue to improve your knowledge in every possible way. There is always a lot more to learn. Never stop learning, be receptive to every knowledge area. He said to augment knowledge one must ask for it, when in need ask for help; never hesitate to probe into ideas. One cannot be a master of everything and for that matter one must never hesitate to ask for it. What interested me most was his assertion that he is careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. He explained that excellence, one can reach for; but perfection is God's business.


According to Suresh one area in life where he had his greatest life challenge has to do with his personal education. He went smoothly through the basic education, college education, and to university. But when it mattered most to achieve higher education that would give him the recognition and a secured job placement he lost the father and had to sacrifice over a year to take care of his family. But when the time came for him to return to school he took his Masters Degree in Computer Application and excelled as the top of his college.

Show Concern:

Suresh ended it all by saying that what matters most in his life is his desire to show concern to fellow human. Concern at home, in family, to friends, concern to work and to life. He wrapped up by saying that life is larger than every other component there is within. Personal Life is one's life, but professional and work life is only a part of life.

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